Trekkers, a youth mentoring organization, has purchased its own building.

While it most recently was a Republican-themed coffee shop, the building was originally built as a flower shop, housing Dean’s Flower Shop, then Snapdragons Flowers and Gifts. The property includes a two-floor building with large open rooms, space for storage, parking and sits on three acres of land.

“Meeting students out in the community is and always will be a priority,” says Program Director Brandon Caron. “But also having our own space will make meetings feel more like being on expedition.”

He said he envisions team meetings around a firepit. He can see a low-ropes course beyond that and perhaps a small garden. The building and land are an open canvas, and the team has been dreaming up possibilities for how to better serve students. “Many of our students crave physical activity, especially now — this can be a familiar place for them express that.”

“It became clear,” said Executive Director Amie Hutchison, “that we needed the kind of space that would enable us to grow with the changing needs of programs, students and staff. The open-concept rooms will make it possible to curate areas that are more conducive to program activities, are welcoming to families, offer space for professional development, and make sense within the new working style we’ve built over the last several months.”

Hutchison is referring to its staff’s shift to working fluidly online and safely in person. Trekkers will trade personal offices and desks for shared co-working space. “I’m excited to be part of this next phase,” said Communication and Impact Manager Tess Valdepeñas. “And what better place to cultivate the inherent strengths of young people than a place that, as a flower shop, was purpose-built for growth.”

The pandemic offered a financial opportunity for Trekkers to own, a chance to build equity, financial sustainability and help secure the future of the organization. With low interest rates, Trekkers decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Officially starting Feb. 1, the community can expect signs of new life at 325 Old County Road in Rockland.

To see more about the space, visit their Facebook page @trekkersonline. To learn more about programs and trainings, visit the website at