The Maine Department of Transportation has released its three-year transportation infrastructure work plan. Published annually, the plan outlines the department's strategy for road, bridge and other transportation upgrades and maintenance projects.

According to the MDOT, the work plan covers approximately $2.71 billion worth of construction and maintenance, which includes 2,180 work items. The three-year plan estimates MDOT will invest in 100 miles of highway construction and rehabilitation; 893 miles of pavement preservation; 2,175 miles of light capital paving for roads and highways; 222 safety and spot improvements; and 166 bridge projects.

Work plans in the Midcoast are:


In Owls Head, safety and infrastructure improvements at the Knox County Regional Airport that may include construction of a hangar taxiway.

In Owls Head, capital equipment purchase of snow removal equipment for the Knox County Regional Airport.

Bridge Work:

In Camden, removal of Rawson Avenue Bridge over Megunticook River, located 0.05 of a mile southwest of Washington Street.

In Rockport, improvements to the Rockport Bridge over Goose River, located 0.03 of a mile north of High Street.

Culvert and Ditching Improvements:

In Appleton, Camden and Hope, culvert replacement in various locations on Route 105 beginning 0.8 of a mile south of Searsmont Road and extending south 8.65 miles to Hoffses Drive in Camden.

In Appleton and Hope, ditching and culvert replacement in various locations on Route 105 beginning with Route 131 and extending southwest 11.56 miles to Route 1.

In Camden and Hope, ditching and culvert replacement in various locations on Barnestown Road beginning at Route 235 and extending southwest 7.10 miles to Route 1.

In Owls Head, ditching and culvert replacement in various locations on South Shore Drive and North Shore Drive beginning at Ash Point Drive and extending east 2.45 miles then west 2.45 miles to Route 73.

In Owls Head and Thomaston, ditching and culvert replacement in various places on Dublin Road and Ash Point Drive beginning with Route 73 and extending east 2.17 miles then north 1.82 miles to Route 73.

In Rockland, large culvert improvements on Route 1 located 0.1 of a mile north of Waldo Avenue.

In Saint George, ditching and culvert replacement in various places on Route 131. Beginning with Route 131 and extending north 4.3 miles to Old Woods Road.

Drainage Maintenance:

In Rockland, Rockport and Warren, drainage improvements on Route 90 beginning 0.2 of a mile north of Mountain Road and extending north 7.19 miles. Includes 0.03 of a mile on Route 90 westbound.


In Camden, constructing a sidewalk on Route 105 beginning at Matthew John Avenue and extending north 0.3 of a mile.

In downtown Camden, safety improvements to multiple pedestrian crossings on Route 1 beginning at Free Street and extending northeast 0.26 of a mile.

In Camden, construction of a sidewalk on Route 1 beginning 0.04 of a mile from Country Inn Way and extending north 0.36 of a mile to Quarry Hill Road.

Highway Paving:

In Hope and Lincolnville, light capital paving on Route 235 beginning at Route 105 and extending northeast 3.01 miles to Route 173.

In Rockport, multiple paving projects on Route 1: beginning 0.06 of a mile north of the Rockland town line and extending north 1.22 miles; beginning 0.07 of a mile north of the south intersection of Rockville Street and Route 1 and extending north 2.51 miles.

Highway Safety and Spot Improvements:

In Camden, slope stabilization on Route 1 located 0.03 of a mile northeast of Harden Avenue.

On Vinalhaven, highway reconstruction on Main Street/High Street beginning 0.01 of a mile north of Main Street and extending south 0.01 of a mile. Then beginning at High Street and extending east 0.15 of a mile.

Light Capital Paving:

In Thomaston, Union and Warren, light capital paving on Route 131 beginning 0.02 of a mile north of Route 1 and extending north 10.38 miles.

In Union, light capital paving on Common Road beginning at Heald Highway and extending southeast 1.15 miles to South Union Road.


In Rockland, construction of a new pier located at the intersection of Weeks Street and Commercial Street.

Policy, Planning and Research:

On Isle au Haut, operating assistance for the Isle au Haut ferry.

The entire MDOT three-year work plan can be viewed here.