Maine Department of Transportation projects totaling more than $15,000,000 planned for Camden and Rockport were praised by House District 94 Representative Vicki Doudera Jan. 29.

Doudera's district includes the towns of Camden, Rockport and Islesboro.

Department of Transportation plans include a $3.5 million new construction project of harbor piers, floats and fenders in Camden and a $1 million bicycle/pedestrian sidewalk/trail from Rockport’s Country Inn to Camden’s Quarry Hill.

The various projects are scheduled for 2021, 2022, and 2023.

“Our transportation infrastructure is key to everything we do, from walking safely in our downtowns, to cycling past our scenic harbors, or driving to jobs, shopping or healthcare,” said Representative Doudera.

“Whether or not our roads, sidewalks and bridges are properly maintained has a direct impact on our quality of life, so I’m very glad to see a wide range of improvements and new projects planned by Maine DOT that will enhance and benefit our towns.”

Each January, the state transportation department produces a three-year comprehensive work plan that includes capital projects, maintenance and operations activities, planning initiatives, and administrative functions it performs along with transportation partners that receive federal funds.

The 2021 comprehensive plan covers calendar years 2021, 2022, 2023 and includes 2,080 work items with a total value of $2.71 billion.

Highlights for local projects over the next three years are as follows:


Camden bicycle/pedestrian on-road sidewalk/trail: Route 105 beginning at Matthew John Avenue and extending north .3 miles, $442,000.

Camden highway safety and spot improvements-rural highways slope stabilization/protection: Route 1 located .03 of a mile northeast of Harden Avenue,125,000.

Camden bridge removal: Rawson Avenue bridge over Megunticook River, located .05 miles southwest of Washington Street, $500,000.

Camden bicycle/pedestrian on-road sidewalk/trail safety improvements Route 1. Demonstration Project to provide improvements to multiple pedestrian crossings on Route 1 in downtown Camden beginning at Free Street and extending northeast .26  miles, $72,000.

Camden, Hope drainage maintenance. Road ditching and replacing culverts in various locations on the Barnestown Road in Camden and Hope, beginning at Route 235 and extending southwest 7.10 miles to Route 1, $33,000.

Camden, Rockport bicycle/pedestrian on-road sidewalk/trail, new construction on Route 1, beginning 0.04 of a mile from Country Inn Way and extending north 0.36 of a mile to Quarry Hill Road, $1,010,000.

Rockland, Rockport and Warren highway safety and spot improvements. Drainage improvements Route 90 beginning 0.20 of a mile north of Mountain Road and extending north 7.19 miles, to include 0.03 of a mile on Route 90 westbound, $168,000.

Rockport highway paving on Route 1 beginning 0.06 of a mile north of the Rockland town line and extending north 1.22 miles and 0.07 of a mile north of the south intersection of Rockville Street and Route 1 and extending north 2.51 miles. $922,000.

Rockport's Pascal Avenue bridge over Goose River, located 0.03 of a mile north of High Street, $300,000.


Camden, Hope highway paving, Barnestown Road beginning at Hatchet Mountain Road and extending southeast 7.02 miles to Route 1, $368,000.

Route 52 paving in Camden, Lincolnville, Northport and Belfast, beginning 0.68 of a mile south of the Lincolnville town line and extending north 14.00 miles, $734,000.

Pascal Avenue paving, Camden, Rockport, beginning at Route 1 and extending north 2.21 miles to Route 1, $116,000.


Camden harbors piers, floats and fenders at Sea Street marina expansion project., located at 59 Sea Street, $3,500,000.

Camden Main Street/Route 1 improvements to bridge over the Megunticook River, located 0.03 of a mile south of Atlantic Avenue, $2,630,000.

Rockland, Rockport Route 1 highway paving, beginning 0.03 of a mile north of Route 1A and extending north 0.89 of a mile, $1,190,000.

Rockland, Rockport, Warren Route 90 highway paving, beginning 0.20 of a mile north of Mountain Road and extending north 7.19 miles. Includes 0.03 of a mile on Route 90 westbound, $2,930,000.