A new series of short documentary films featuring some of Maine’s sea farmers has been released online. The films are the latest installment of the Maine Coast Harvest series (est. 2018), and are available for the public to view on the Maine Coast Harvest website. This latest body of work, filmed during the summer and fall of 2020, comprises three short films:

John Cotton & Toni Small | Port Clyde, ME

Lifelong commercial fisherman John Cotton was unsure about growing oysters, but his excitement for a new adventure on the water was too strong to keep him from diving in headfirst. Watch John and Toni's story here.

Emily Selinger & Amanda Moeser | Freeport and Yarmouth, ME

“All I did was give Emily one floating line of rope in the ocean, and that sparked a livelihood for her.” Amanda’s small gesture of kindness allowed Emily to imagine a life on the water she hadn’t considered before — as an oyster farmer. Watch Emily and Amanda's story here.

Jake Patryn & Morgan-Lea Fogg | Machias, ME

Jake and Morgan were looking for a way to get back to Maine and build a business on the water that they could call their own. When seaweed farming crossed their paths, it was a surprising but perfect fit. Watch Jake and Morgan's story here.

The films were created and funded by Bill and Patty Zimmerman (ZFund), and produced by GoodFight Media, with production support from the Maine Aquaculture Association.




Watch the new trailer here.


Watch all Maine Coast Harvest films here.




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