Sen. Chloe Maxmin, D-Nobleboro, shared details of Maine’s three-year transportation infrastructure work plan, and what it means for Lincoln County, including the town of Washington.

The plan is released annually with an outline of the Maine Department of Transportation’s strategy for road, bridge and other transportation upgrades and maintenance projects.

“Many of us who live in rural communities know firsthand how essential safe bridges and roads are to getting us where we need to go — for school, work, the doctor and everything else,” said Maxmin. “The maintenance, improvements and additions to our infrastructure that are included in this plan are absolutely essential to our everyday lives.”

According to the Maine Department of Transportation, the work plan covers approximately $2.71 billion worth of construction and maintenance, which includes 2,180 work items.

The three-year plan estimates the department will invest in 100 miles of highway construction and rehabilitation; 893 miles of pavement preservation; 2,175 miles of light capital paving for roads and highways; 222 safety and spot improvements; and 166 bridge projects.

The following breakdown is the planned capital and maintenance work for the communities in Senate District 13 in 2021:

Bridge work:

In Bath and Wiscasset, rehabilitation of the Rockland 36.24 Rail Bridge over Sewalls Creek and Rockland 50.49 Rail Bridge over the Sheepscot River located on the Rockland Branch rail line.

In Waldoboro, rehabilitation of the Rockland Rail Bridge 65.91 over the Medomak River located on the Rockland Branch rail line.

In Waldoboro, replacement of the Wagner Number Two Bridge over Hoak Brook located 0.3 of a mile south of Depot Street on Route 32.

In Washington, repairing wearing surface on Branch Bridge which carries Route 126 over Davis Stream located 0.1 of a mile east of Fitch Road.

Custodial maintenance:

In Washington, ditching on Route 105 beginning at the Somerville-Washington town line extending south 1.91 miles then east 3.47 miles to Route 220.

Drainage maintenance:

In Waldoboro, replacement of the large culvert on Finntown Road located on the Waldoboro-Friendship town line.

Highway paving:

In Nobleboro and Waldoboro, 1 1/4" overlay on Route 1 beginning 0.07 of a mile east of East Pond Road and extending east 3.31 miles.

In Bremen, Bristol and Waldoboro, light capital paving on Route 32 beginning at Bristol Road and extending north 19.60 miles.

In Jefferson and Washington, light capital paving on Route 126 beginning at Route 126 and extending north 4.7 miles to Route 220.

In Liberty, Waldoboro and Washington, light capital paving on Route 220 beginning at Route 1 and extending north 15.7 miles to Route 105.

The entire Department of Transportation's three-year work plan can be viewed here.