From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Events Coordinator Kasey Bielecki,

Patience, it's a virtue.

You will need patience for a grumpy faced cat named Mystic. After coming into the shelter as a feral kitten, he spent time in a foster home with hopes he would ditch the grumpy attitude.

He is available for adoption, but will need a patient family that won't force affection (a good rule in life) upon him. You can't help but love his ridiculously cranky face!

You will need patience for Jackie, a lovely young shepherd mix with a shy disposition. She will thrive in a low-key home with someone willing to sit on the floor, someone willing to share treats and show her that she is a good dog worthy of all the love.

You will need patience for Snooky, the cat. You've heard Snooky's name before; he has been at Pope Memorial Humane Society well over 400 days. He has come out of his shell since being able to roam the shelter's lobby, but will he ever be a cat you can pick up and hug? Probably not.

Given time, will he rub against your legs for head pets and treats? Yes, definitely.

You will need patience for Dynasty the dog. Abandoned at a local dog park and left wondering, why did my people leave me behind? Dynasty is a ball of energy, needs training but at her core, wants to be loved. She will excel in a home that will teach her manners and understand that sometimes she might mess up.

There are quite a few animals at Pope Memorial Humane Society that need patient homes. Homes that understand it may take days, weeks, even months for some animals to come out of their shells. Let me tell you. One of the most rewarding things to have an animal suddenly realize you are their person, their home. The bond they form with you will make you smile every single time you think about it.

Do you consider yourself a patient person and have space in your home for a new pet? Why not consider adopting one of the shy, often overlooked, but always loved animals at Pope Memorial Humane Society? The adoption application is online at Fill out the application today and make a difference in the lives of some local homeless, shy animals.

Wish list: Canned cat food, cleaning supplies, canned dog food, small paper plates, hand soap and gift cards to local businesses.