The Community Speakers Series organized by the Pastoral Care Committee at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Rockland is offering another program, titled “Opening to Grace.”

The program will be Sunday, Feb. 7, at 2 p.m. via Zoom. Presenters will be Rev. Abby Pettee and Dr. Kirsten Staples.

The presenters share that the program is to show participants through conversational sharing and discussion, they will consider how health events and grief can be a catalyst for opening to and receiving grace.

Rev. Abby Pettee, ordained in the Episcopal tradition, has served for the past 10 years as lead chaplain, through the spiritual care services department at Pen Bay Medical Center. She is part of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare providers, on behalf of holistic well-being.

Kirsten Staples is a board-certified internal medicine physician who has practiced at Pen Bay Medical Center for 20 years. She currently is a hospitalist at Pen Bay Medical Center and values working with interdisciplinary teams, including spiritual care.

There will be a time of open sharing, followed by a short concluding discussion.

Future programs will cover end of life issues, family conversations, memory and cognitive decline. These topics surround difficult and sensitive issues that are important but often avoided in conversations even with close family members. Future dates in 2021 will be announced later.

Programs are free and open to the public. See the “Latest News” announcements at to participate.