Rockland public services workers were clearing overgrown shrubs and trees Friday that were blocking the view of Rockland Harbor off Ocean Street.

The work was done on property owned by Rockland Harbor Park LLC and Safe Harbor Marinas.

Last month, Safe Harbor purchased about five acres off Ocean Street from Rockland Harbor Park, including the marina pier, the building where Archer's on the Pier is located, the parking lot next to Archer's, the gazebo and part of the concrete section of the boardwalk.

For years, the city has offered to remove shrubs and vegetation on the private property that blocked the view of the harbor from Ocean Street.

The new owners, Yachting Solutions and Rockland Harbor Park, agreed to the work with the sale of the property.

City Councilor Louise MacLellan-Ruf issued a statement Jan. 21.

"The community is receiving their wish to have their harbor views restored! The harbor view corridor creates a new level of beauty on the Boardwalk and throughout the neighborhood. Responding to Rockland’s Charter, directing the City to protect our harbor view corridors, the City of Rockland, Yachting Solutions and Safe Harbors have responded.

"They are committed to renewing the upkeep of the Boardwalk and appropriate landscaping. This has been years in the making. Come and join us to celebrate harbor views," MacLellan-Ruf stated.