The following deed transfers were recorded from Jan. 12 through Jan. 18 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Lawrence K. Tibbetts Est. to Robert C. White.

Melvin L. Raven and Carol A. Raven to Stuart A. Raven.

Alan E. Millay to Scott K. Esancy and Christine M. Esancy.


Peter Van Alstine to Chad A. Harris.

David H. Feldman and Felicia A. Feldman to Neal Olson.

John L. Burns and Deborah E. Burns to Sean Beaudry and Tracey L. Beaudry

John B. Clapp III Tr., Stephanie E. Clapp Tr., Stephanie E. Clapp 2008 Trust and John B. Clapp III 2008 Trust to Robert McKee.

Sheryl N. Cassibry and Napoleon Lepoint Cassibry III to Nap and Sheryl Cassibry Living Trust, Napoleon Lepoint Cassibry III Tr. and Sheryl Nicholson Tr.

Karl E. Edscorn to Take Me to Maine LLC.

Owls Head

Carrol White III and Susan White to Herman N. Summers and Kristine L. Summers.

Elizabeth Mann and Sidney Richardson to Curtis W. Lowry, Heather Lowry, Hysen Sisco and Sten Dan Sisco.

Lynn C. Winter and Richard G. Winter to Lynn C. Winter and Richard G. Winter.


Paul N. Stear to Myles B. Allen.

Kathy J. Irving to Robert Nasta and Yasemin Nasta.

Kathryn I. Fogg Hill to Robert Nasta and Yasmin Nasta.

Keith A. Wass to Robert Nasta and Yasmin Nasta.


Edward L. Koenig and Jo Anne E. Koenig to Timothy J. Trumbauer and Katherine P. Trumbauer.

John G. McComb and Vici A. McComb to Racine Marshall.

Lorraine Ryan Est. to Thomas Winfield Dansereau and Rebecca Brasky Dansereau.

Louis Esposito and Donna F. Esposito to Peter E. Heppner and Laura A. Heppner.

Ty Ebright to Robert L. Morgan Jr. and Robert L. Morgan III.

St. George

Morris Shepard Minton Jr. Tr., Nancy Keyes Minton Tr. and Minton Family Trust to Gerrit Jan Van Heek and Christine Marie Van Heek.

South Thomaston

Sonia Weaver Est. to G and Gigi LLC.

Thomas A. Goettel and Beth H. Goettel to Torngat Living Trust, Thomas Arthur Goettel Tr. and Beth Lynn Goettel Tr.


Marion Whitman to Megan King.

Janet L. Morton Est. to Stephanie E. Schloegel.


Pamela C. Alley and Stephen C. Alley to Ethan E. Warren and Jessica L. Sanborn.


Bruce E. Cameron and Carol L. Cameron to Edward L. Koenig and Jo Anne E. Koenig.

Jodie M. Heal and Jason M. Heal to Robert Samuel Martin and Sarah Elizabeth Martin.

Jennifer A. Averill and Jennifer Fancy to Chelsey R. Fallin and Travis J. Fallin.


Jordan R. Vigna to Richard J. Pincence and Megan E. Owens.

George C. Hall and Sons Inc. to Darryl R. Flagg.

Judith A. Brann to Marlene M. Bartlett.