From the desk of Development Director Chrys deLorimier at Pope Memorial Humane Society,

My family has a busy home with dogs, kids and one plump, older lady cat. Still, we thought it would be fun to offer it to some kittens needing a short-term stay, keeping them out of the shelter, where regular cat colds can be fatal to little ones.

Enter Sweets, a gorgeously, silky gray mama kitty with great big yellow eyes, and her two little boys, Thumbs, for his extra fingers and toes, and Pluto. They are gray like their mama and had a rough beginning health-wise, coming from a hoarding situation. We got them at 8 weeks with the idea of helping them get to adoptable age and weight.

Immediately, our home was filled with fun and cuteness. We got to see Sweets emerge from her shell, becoming playful and vocal. There are kitten snuggles, playtime teaching them that our legs are not for climbing, and laughing at their silliness.

Foster families save hundreds of kittens each year. We get a lot out of it too, getting to hang out with kittens without commitment or costs, helping find awesome families for them and the knowledge that you helped save a life.

It looks like Thumbs and Pluto have a loving home to go to, and Sweets will be available once she is spayed. “Kitten season” is about to begin.

Now is a great time to sign up to be a foster, and if kittens are not your cup of tea, there are other animals needing a break from the shelter, or for those with the biggest hearts, medically-needy ones or “fo-spice” candidates. You can find the foster application at

It will be hard to see these funny little ones go, but we feel great that we helped them get the lives they deserve and gave a family a pair of healthy little characters to light up their home.

PMHS is planning a socially-distanced outdoor art fair for June. It will provide a needed boost for what looks like a financially tough year ahead and gives us all something to look forward to. More information will be coming soon, I hope you will come!

The shelter is open by appointment. If interested in adopting, fill out an application ( before calling 594-2200 to set up an time.

Supplies can be left at the front door. Top needs are wet cat food (non-seafood pate preferred,) paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning wipes. We always need 33-gallon trash bags also. Thank you.