From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Foster Coordinator Brandi Moore,

PMHS is looking for experienced foster homes for special dogs that need a little help with some behavioral challenges.

Undesired behavior is the most common reason dogs (and in many cases, cats) are surrendered by their guardians to animal shelters. These are dogs least likely to find forever homes without some behavioral intervention. They are also the hardest dogs to find experienced foster homes equipped with the skills and patience to train them.

With a little training, exercise and patience, these dogs can become wonderful companions!

Here at PMHS, we are trying to help these deserving dogs with a combination of playgroups and training. The third piece to complete the puzzle is experienced foster homes willing to use positive (no pain, fear or force) training techniques to provide these dogs not only with the additional training they need, but also the home environment to practice their new skills.

Even the nicest shelters like PMHS are stressful environments for animals to live. Dogs, in particular, tend to develop increasing kennel stress and frustration the longer they stay in a shelter. Along with that comes worsening, or even new, behavioral challenges that make it even more difficult for them to find loving homes.

Oliver, Finn, Dynasty and Buddy are four of our longer term adoptable residents that could benefit from an experienced foster home willing to continue their training and provide a patient environment to practice their “living at home” skills.

If you have some dog training experience, (You don’t need to be a professional dog trainer. We are here to guide you through it!) and are interested in fostering one of our “special needs” dogs (or cats); start by filling out the foster application at

Pope Memorial Humane Society is located at 25 Buttermilk Lane in Thomaston; due to COVID-19, adoptions are by appointment only until further notice; for questions or to schedule an appointment call 594-2200.

Wish list: Temptation cat treats, hot dogs, scrubby sponges, paper towels, garbage bags (13 & 33 gal), zip loc bags gal. and canned cat food poultry pate style. Thank you.