Midcoast Maine Indivisible is calling community members to come together one last time Tuesday, Jan. 19, at 5 p.m., Park & Main Streets.

In a time of bloody insurrection, the group asks that the public meet with "peace and positive spirit to honor the past, to share hope for our future, and to stand for democracy."

In a press release sent to the Courier-Gazette, Midcoast Maine Indivisible said, "Jan. 6 was unfortunately not the end of the Trump-inspired revolt. Federal law enforcement expect armed mobs to descend on D.C. one more time on or before Inauguration Day, trying to overturn the election by force.

"So the night before Inauguration Day, we will gather in simple, quiet, peaceful and civic contrast for democracy in Rockland. Come together one more time with a light to shine (a candle or flashlight will do) Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 5 p.m.

"We'll meet at the corner of Park and Main in Rockland. We will stand as the majority for progress, justice, respect and the rule of law. Holding our candles in the darkness the night before Inauguration Day, we will honor, remember and mourn all we have lost during the Trump years.

"Bring a mask and a light. Spread the word; tell a friend. Socially distance, of course. All are welcome."

For more details or updates, see the Midcoast Maine Indivisible Facebook page for the event: facebook.com/events/452609796123163.

FMI contact James Cook, jmcook@gmail.com. 706-6056.