On Friday, Dec. 31, 2020, Sierra Dietz of the Grasshopper Shop of Rockland presented a check to United Midcoast Charities for $1,717.84. The gift represented customer donations of $859 for holiday gift wrapping, matched by a contribution of $859 from the Grasshopper Shop.

Every December, the Grasshopper Shop offers volunteers from local schools and nonprofit organizations the opportunity to gift wrap in exchange for donations. In December 2020, Grasshopper Shop employees took over the gift wrapping and gathered donations for UMC.

Dietz believes it is especially important to aid the local community during these difficult times. “Over the last 45 years, our family business has worked hard to support many nonprofits in the Midcoast as we feel it is a critical part of our mission,” said Dietz.

“UMC distributes funds 'to organizations that make a huge difference in people’s lives, so we were delighted to do our part for them this holiday season.”

United Midcoast Charities (UMC) is a 501c3 nonprofit. UMC energizes Midcoast Maine nonprofits through finance and guidance. UMC’s primary focus areas are food, housing, health and safety, and economic security.

For more details, visit unitedmidcoastcharities.org. Learn more by calling 596-6156 or by visiting grasshoppershopofrockland.com.