The following deed transfers were recorded from Dec. 29 through Jan. 4 at the Knox County Registry of Deeds:


Allison F. Gibbs Est. to Robert D. Cagnina Jr. and Ann Louise Cagnina.

George D. Andreaus to Derek R. Anderson and Tia E. Anderson.

Agnes Beloin Est. to Frederick J. Beloin.

Lynn Beloin Trust, Edmund M. Beloin Trust, Rendle A. Jones Tr., Lynn Beloin Est. and Edmund M. Beloin Est. to Frederick J. Beloin.

Kirk Sennett III to Carolyn C. Kirk.

Roula P. Giannos to Nancy Hughes.

John R. Hathaway III to John Paul Burns and Cheryl Ann Burns.

Stephen Gold Tr. and Black Swan Realty Trust to Stephen Gold Tr., Janet N. Tr. and Stephen Gold and Janet N. Gold Living Trust.

530 Belfast Road LLC to Thomas James Phipps.

Gary Freeburg to Nancy H. Adams.

John H. Gass and Kathleen E. Gass to Kathleen B. Costello and Mario J. Costello.

Camden Gardens Inc. to Kenneth J. Twaddle and Pamela W. Twaddle.

Camden Gardens Inc. to Kenneth J. Twaddle and Pamela W. Twaddle.

Six Dillingham Point LLC to Dorothy J. Stalnaker.

David H. Feldman and Felicia A. Feldman to Felicia A. Feldman.

Felicia A. Feldman to Felicia A. Feldman and David H. Feldman.

Dorothy J. Stalnaker to Dorothy J. Stalnaker Tr. and Dillingham Point Qualified Personal Residence Trust.


Gerald A. Smith Est. to Judith C. Smith.

Judith C. Smith to Paul A. Smith and Mary K. Smith.

Judith C. Smith to James B. Davenport and Susan S. Davenport.

Kathryn A. Nielsen Tr., Gerald S. Nielsen Tr. and Rewined Holdings Retirement Trust to Eastside Development LLC.

M. French Danielle Trust and Elizabeth Paxton Tr. to Cheryl B. Ryan and Terence L. Ryan.


Seaside In Friendship LLC to Beatrice I. Cox and William C. Cox III.

William C. Cox III to Beatrice I. Cox.

Beatrice I. Cox to Beatrice I. Cox Tr., William C. Cox III Tr. and Seaside In Friendship Qualified Personal Residence Trust.


Virginia L. Crabtree to Jayne L. Barrett, Jean M. Barrett and Edna B. Mahan.

Patricia H. Boisvert and Patricia Ann Boisvert to Nicole Boisvert Quinn, Alex John Boisvert and Bethany Ann Blanco.


Michael J. Ames to Bretton Marasco and Michael Marasco.

North Haven

Turner Farm Restoration LLC to Turner Farm Legacy LLC.

Owls Head

Kent P. Woodward Est. to Kent D. Woodward.

Ronald T. Winter Est. to Richard G. Winter and Lynne C. Winter.

Roberta C. Westerman and William A. Winter to Lynne C. Winter and Richard G. Winter.


Thomas Walker and Katharine Walker to Samuel B. Walker.

Jeffrey E. Davis, Rebecca M. Berru Davis and Davis Rebecca M. Berru to Rachel M. Davis.

Joseph A. Gourde Jr. and Carolyn A. Gourde to Bernhard H. Metzger and Masha M. Traber.

Stanley W. Carleton Jr. to Amelia Anne Sisco and Clayton James Thompson.

Charles Donald Porter and Naomi M. Porter to Theodore Skowronski.

Schooner Drive Homeowners Association to Steven E. Clough and Denise S. Clough.

Janette Sulides Est. to Ellen Sulides, Sylvia Sulides Soule and Elizabeth Sulides Rich.

Robin L. Desmond to Maximillian J. Mihelich and Kristin A. Nehls.

Michael K. Stearns, A. Keenan Stearns Katharine and Katharine A. Keenan Stearns to Michael Anthony Frisone and Erin Mary Frisone.

Darren Micue to Maxwell W. Negley and Maxwell Negley.

Rockland Harbor Park LLC to SHM Rockland LLC.

Yachting Solutions LLC to SHM Rockland LLC.

Yachting Solutions LLC to SHM Rockland LLC.


Lorraine Ryan Est. to Hugh Hall and Elizabeth Noyes.

Elizabeth A. Collins and Elizabeth A. Page to Elizabeth A. Collins and Dwight M. Collins.

James Munroe and Brenda Ann Munroe to Jamie Stone and Christopher Wallace.

John R. Arey to NSBME LLC.

Brown Family I Limited Partnership to Eddie C. Brown.

Brown Family I Limited Partnership to Carmen S. Brown.

Eddie C. Brown to Jennifer L. Bunkley Tr., Eddie C. Brown 2012 Irrevocable Trust and Renee Thurston Moore Tr.

Carmen S. Brown to Renee Thurston Moore Tr., Jennifer L. Bunkley Tr. and Carmen S. Brown 2012 Irrevocable Trust.

Nancy T. Shaer to Nancy T. Shaer Tr. and Nancy T. Shaer Living Trust.

Paul E. Galambos and Patricia A. Galambos to Debra J. Lay and H. Douglas Lay.

Denise B. Coombs and William M. Coombs to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates.

Denise B. Coombs and William M. Coombs to Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates to Denise Coombs and Bill Coombs.

Samoset Resort Timeshare Estates to Denise Coombs and William Coombs.

Phoebe C. Kaczypenski to Mary Steele and Kenji Jordan.

Shepherd Block Marianne LLC and Shepherd Block Stuart LLC to 20 Central Street LLC.

Jennifer Dagostino to Allan B. Jones Tr., S. Than Jones Elke and Jones Elke S. Than.

St. George

Gloria E. Schleicher Est. to Joshua Noyes.

Deborah D. Pease and Deborah D. Carey to Merritt T. Carey.

Christopher T. Jones to Merritt T. Carey.

Judith Ann Axten to Sarah T. Connolly Tr., John Axten Tr. and Judith Ann Axten 2008 Trust.

Lisa Elliot Laamann to Sidonie Hayes Rodman.

Denise Hall Morris and Denise H. Carlson to Troy L. Ames and Kristine E. Ames.

Old Cushman House LLC to N.C. Wyeth Research Foundation and Reading Libraries Inc.

Andy J. MacMillan to Alexandra MacMillen and William F. Spencer.

South Thomaston

Donna Masterson and James Masterson to K and L Estates LLC.

Vernon Kvorjak to Vernon Kvorjak and Novelle F. Szandzik.

Heather A. Waterman to Heather A. Waterman and Erik R. Waterman.

Heather A. Waterman to Heather A. Waterman and Erik R. Waterman.

Deborah J. Pomroy and Angela J. Monroe to Pamela Pomroy.

Angela J. Monroe, Pamela Pomroy and Deborah J. Pomroy to Angela J. Monroe and Robert B. Monroe.

Leota A. Fulkerson to Nancy M. Wood.


Linda D. Reynolds to Linda Dianne Reynolds and Melissa Joy Reynolds.

Morgan T. Parmenter to Julia Fajardo.

Diana S. G. Bray and Diana S. Green to Shannon Hurst Dalpozzal.

Brandon Tahincioglu to Kimberly Tahincioglu.


W. David Crosby Tr. and W. David Crosby Revocable Trust to Gail Crosby Davis Tr., Richard Stoughton Davis Tr. and Gail Crosby Davis 1992 Revocable Trust.

John W. Field and Catharine D. Field to Mark Brian Kelly and Christina W. Kelly.


Michelle M. Fuerst, Nicole F. Lamont and Julie C. Beck to Harbor Outlook LLC.

Anne H. Russell to Jennifer R. Mahoney, William B. Russell Jr. and Sarah H. Russell.

Lynette Woodcock Est. to Kyle B. Doughty.

John J. Allen and Mary Virginia Wyly to Josh Safdie and Amy Carpineto.

William T. Bazlen and Susan Bazlen to Leah Creelman and Martha Plusquellec.


Logan N. T. Aiken to Zachary P. Hollingshead and Autumn N. Hollingshead.

Eric C. Peterson Tr., Linnea Peterson Linderman Tr. and Peterson Maine Nominee Trust to Eric C. Peterson and Linnea Peterson Linderman.

Edmund J. LaFlamme and Faith E. LaFlamme to Edmund J. LaFlamme.

David Ferrara to Christopher R. Brezzo and Jane M. Brezzo.

Todd R. Starbird to Christopher J. Young and Bobbi J. Young.

Ruth P. Emery to Harlow M. Mank Est.

Harlow M. Mank Est. to Kirby H. Mank, Stuart A. Mank, Nola A. Metcalf, Aleta R. Mank and Melody V. Sainio.

Lozier Logic Inc. to Jeffrey W. Lozier.

Jeffrey W. Lozier to Jeffrey W. Lozier and Leila J. Perkins.

Anne M. Bonfietti to Jeffrey Thompson and Karen Durand.


Town of Washington to Forest Bryant.