On Dec. 22, two Midcoast charities received a holiday gift from author and State Rep. Vicki Doudera when she presented them with checks totaling $2500.00. The money is the net proceeds from sales of Doudera’s holiday novella, “Looking For Travolta: A Ghost Story of Christmas,” and was split between United Midcoast Charities and Midcoast Habitat for Humanity.

The story is a modern Maine retelling of Dickens’ famous “A Christmas Carol,” set in a fictional town bearing an uncanny resemblance to Camden. Inspiration for the book came from Dickens, along with the Midcoast’s penchant for trying to glimpse actor John Travolta at Christmastime. Doudera wrote it a few years ago, and decided in November to self-publish it. Her husband, Ed, did the formatting and daughter, Alexandra, designed the cover.

“It’s been a team effort all along,” said Doudera. “My family helped get it launched, the non-profits helped publicize, and the community has made it all work by purchasing and reading the book.” Copies are still available through Amazon’s print-on-demand, and proceeds will continue to benefit the organizations going forward. “There is so much need out there, and so many organizations are working diligently to make our friends’ and neighbors’ lives a little brighter. I’m glad we could help through sales of this book. It’s a fun, fast read with the theme of giving from one’s heart, so it very much feels full circle.”

For more information, visit https://www.vickiformaine.com/.