The LooHoo Wooly Tug Toy, made and sold by Camden business owner, Cyndi Prince, has been named by People Magazine the Best Plush Dog Toy of the year. People Pet Awards 2020 recognizes 18 dog and cat products, from treats to leashes to toys, in the Dec. 21 issue of the national publication.

“Testers worried this 100% wool toy wouldn’t hold up to playful pooches, but quickly discovered it ‘withstands a ton of chewing, pulling, tugging and tossing,’” reads the description in the three-page feature. The all-natural LooHoo Wooly Tug Toy is made with 100 percent domestic wool and available in light gray. Each toy is between 14 and 16 inches and retails for $22.

“We are so proud to be among the award recipients, all of whom have innovative products in the pet world,” said Prince. “The designation affirms that dogs find the Wooly Tug Toy lots of fun, and People recognizes the benefits of the toy — it’s soft on the teeth and environmentally friendly.”

LooHoo began in 2010 when Prince set out to create a healthy home environment for their newborn son and focused on the laundry room. That effort resulted in LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls, which are reusable and made without harmful chemicals. For more information about dryer balls and dog toys, visit