Sen. Chloe Maxmin, D-Nobleboro, has been appointed to serve on the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry for the 130th Maine Legislature. The Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee is responsible for managing public lands, ensuring animal welfare, overseeing all matters of agriculture, regulating pesticide use and more.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to address one of the biggest challenges facing our state: climate change,” said Maxmin.

“For Maine’s culture and economy to remain strong, we need to preserve and protect our natural resources. I’m also excited to work so closely on Maine’s heritage industries, including farming and fishing, which are so critical to our way of life.”

Maxmin also will serve on the Marine Resources Committee, which is responsible for overseeing issues of fisheries, shellfish, aquaculture and marine science and research.

Lawmakers are assigned to committees by the presiding officers based on their interests, experience and professional background. Joint standing committees are composed of three senators and ten representatives. The Legislature will reconvene in the new year.