The Maine Department of Marine Resources, with support from Gov. Janet Mills, is launching a branding and promotion initiative to celebrate Maine Seafood and to help consumers find and enjoy it in the comfort and safety of their home.

While rapidly changing seafood markets due to the coronavirus pandemic have posed challenges for seafood producers, retail seafood sales are up 35% compared to last year, according to market research company Information Resources, Inc.

With $1,000,000 of the $20 million CARES Act relief funds allocated by NOAA for Maine’s commercial fishing and seafood industry, the Maine Seafood branding and promotion initiative will help this growing population of home-bound seafood enthusiasts discover the taste, quality and variety of seafood from Maine.

“Like producers across the globe, Maine’s seafood industry continues to face the challenge of rapidly changing markets,” said Maine Department of Marine Resources Commissioner Patrick Keliher. “But this challenge also presents an opportunity. The Gulf of Maine’s cold, clean water is home to a wide variety of premium seafood products that are easy to prepare. The Maine Seafood branding and promotion initiative will help consumers learn about, find, and prepare Maine seafood in their own kitchens.”

“With more Maine people cooking from home, we have an opportunity to support Maine’s seafood industry by promoting the premium products we produce here at home,” said Mills. “This initiative will support a vital sector of our state’s economy and connect consumers with high-quality seafood produced in the U.S. at a critical time.”

A Maine Seafood website will feature a directory of Maine Seafood suppliers as well as recipe ideas that make enjoying a Maine Seafood experience at home easy. Blog posts and social media accounts will allow foodies across the world to connect around their shared love of Maine seafood. As the initiative moves forward, assets will be developed to support the industry’s own marketing efforts.

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