From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Shelter Manager Theresa Gargan,

This week’s column should be read while listening to the song, “You gotta have friends.” Whether two-legged or four-legged, a buddy just makes your life better. They help you celebrate the good times and ease your burdens during the hard times. Our residents at the shelter remind us every day of the importance of sharing our lives. Just watching them curled up together, outdoors during dog play group or laying on our laps (or on the keyboard) while we work is proof of this.

My pet picks this week are a pair of friends who have been together for years. Fluffy, a 10-year-old orange and white boy, has spent his entire life with his best friend Bandit, a 13-year-old Calico girl. I am sure they have many stories to tell of their time together and would love a human friend to share them with. They are also excellent listeners and will almost always agree with your point of view. A home for the holidays would mean so much to Fluffy and Bandit and I guarantee they would fill it with love.

We have other cats, dogs and bunnies that have come in with or made a best friend at the shelter or are just waiting for the right person to become the Laverne to their Shirley.

If you would like to meet your next compadre, simply fill out an application at and we will contact you to make an appointment.

Our wish list this week includes Temptation treats, hot dogs, paper towels and 30-gallon garbage bags.

As always, thank you to our communities for your support!