On Wednesday, Dec. 3, several students at Thomaston Grammar School were recognized for the attribute of compassion. Students were presented with a certificate at a school-wide Zoom assembly.

Students who received the Compassion Award were Christina Reyna, Charlotte Ahearn, Christian Couch, Hazel Dare, Bryson Chipman, Evelyn Fairfield, Ayden Basinet, Nora Simms, Brent Beckett, Asher Hatch, Amelia Stewart, Jack Boyer and Vincent Frisone.

Compassion differs from other behaviors, because the focus is on caring for others. The children who were given this award have a sensitivity to others’ feelings and problems. In many instances, they have shown interest in the welfare of others first, not themselves.

Emma Wooster was also awarded the Principal’s Award. Her honesty, even when being honest is not easy, is truly admirable. She has an excellent understanding of her peers and their perceptions and feelings that make her a kind, caring and empathetic friend and classmate. She tries her best to do the right thing and is able to recognize when she makes mistakes and works to remedy them. She is trustworthy and responsible.

Congratulations to all TGS students who received awards this month!