Maritime Energy has worked with local fire departments to sponsor training specifically for responses to propane calls.

The latest was held two weeks ago.

Rockland Fire Chief Christopher Whytock said the collaboration was key for life safety.

"The propane companies in our response area are obligated to have a technician respond in the event of an emergency and Maritime Energy is always quick to answer our calls. They also arrange for propane and natural gas training for area fire departments which have allowed eight of our personnel to spend three days at a time in either Massachusetts or New Hampshire with hands on training with the gasses," Whytock said.

The chief said the reason the department has asked for the training from their technicians was two fold.

The chief said the department has been seeing more and more propane services being added to businesses that require pre-heaters for liquid propane.

He said there was also a malfunction of a pre-heater a few months ago during a fire response and the department wanted to know more about the systems and how to mitigate any issues if crews arrive on scene and find a problem.