The Strand Theatre’s “Streaming Cinema” films for December include a documentary about a NYC plastic surgeon doing groundbreaking transgender surgery; a Danish story about three teachers’ experiment to see if modest inebriation opens the academic mind; and a hilarious, edgy political farce from Canada. The films will be available to stream from Dec. 1 through 31.

Tania Cypriano's acclaimed, inspiring festival hit documentary "Born to Be" follows the work of Dr. Jess Ting at the groundbreaking Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York City—where, for the first time ever, all transgender and gender non-conforming people have access to quality transition-related health and surgical care. With extraordinary access, the film takes an intimate look at how one doctor’s work impacts the lives of his patients as well as how his journey from renowned plastic surgeon to pioneering gender-affirming surgeon has led to his own transformation.

"The Twentieth Century" is the story of an aspiring young politician who dreams of becoming the Prime Minister of Canada is told with clever animation, wacky puppets, and stylized sets that create a surreal cult atmosphere while paying tribute to film classics.

"Oliver Sacks: His Own Life" explores the life and work of the legendary neurologist and storyteller, as he shares intimate details of his battles with drug addiction, homophobia, and a medical establishment that accepted his work only decades after the fact.

"Another Round" is a fun, moving, life-affirming and thought-provoking Danish drama about three high school teachers’ friendship, freedom, love – and alcohol.

In "Jingle Bell Rocks!," director Mitchell Kezin delves into the minds of legendary Christmas music fanatics, as well as his own holiday heroes, in his search for the twelve best, under-appreciated Christmas songs ever recorded. With rollicking live performances, intimate interviews, and a kaleidoscope of rare archive footage.

Streaming cinema tickets cost $6-12 (depending on the film) and will be available on the Strand Theatre website. Ticket proceeds are split between the Strand and the movie distribution company, so a viewer’s purchase is a simple and direct way to provide much-needed support for the theater.

For more information, visit, email, or call (207) 594-0070. The Strand Theatre is located at 345 Main St.