The lion’s share of the work on the library construction is completed on the inside of the building with the exception of the “punch list” items left and the completion of glass “storefront” entrance to the lower level program room. The library staff are working diligently to get the library ready to open, once some of the exterior components of the building are completed to make entrance and egress safe enough to be open to the public. At this point there is not a set opening day but they are hoping that it will be soon.

The key features that need to be completed are the entrance stairs leading up to the front door, safe egress routes from all of the emergency exits and the completion of the lower level program room by the glass wall “storefront” entrance. Of course, there are other items on the list but these are the big ones.

Crews are working on the main entrance stairs as well as the patio on the east side of the building. The new sidewalks are being poured around and leading up to the building. The curbing all been installed, and paving put in for the reconstructed intersection.

It is important to note, that much of the work on the intersection, and attached sidewalks are paid for, in part, with a grant from Maine DOT, to improve the intersection. Landscaping around the building is nearly complete as is the landscaping in Memorial Park. It is hoped that by the next report we will have an opening day planned for the new library.