From the desk of Development Director Chrys deLorimier,

Today, I’d like to revisit some animals you may already be familiar with, but who are still here. Diesel is an amazing dog. He came from the local area and arrived after a neighbor rescued him. He was subject to unspeakable cruelty and lost his litter brother in the process.

This 80-pound guy didn’t know how to relate to people and had trouble controlling his exuberance. He has been here almost two years and is six years old. In this time, dog walking volunteers and staff worked diligently with him, training on multiple commands and obedience practices.

In 2019, donors got together and sent him to a special trainer for two weeks to finish up his training on dog reactivity. Now he is a happy-to-please, loving good boy waiting (and waiting) for a special home. He is completely trained and wants you to know he is a good snuggler who loves treats. Check out the recent photo where he posed like a Top Model!

Because of donors, we can wait for the right home for special animals. This home is out there and is a bit special (hence, why he is still waiting.) He would love a home with grown-ups only, where he is the only animal. I know there is a person out there who would love this good boy and would have fun keeping up his extensive training.

Gooney is an amazing kitty and I really can’t fathom why she is still here. This is an affectionate gal who loves kids, tolerates other kitties (she has good boundaries) and maybe even nice doggos. This lady can charm even a non-kitty lover, like a certain husband, and makes a wonderful door-greeter. She is seven years old and just an all-around awesome cat. Gooney has been here over a year and is ready for love.

The shelter is open by appointment. If interested in adopting, fill out an application ( before calling 594-2200 to set up a time.

If you would like to drop off supplies for the animals next time you are out, top needs are paper towels, toilet paper and cleaning wipes. We always need 33-gallon trash bags and wet pet food. Leave donations at the front door and make out a receipt if you’d like. Thank you for caring about homeless pets!