Camden town office and department staff will rotate between working at home and working in their offices as COVID-19 cases climb in Knox County.

Town Manager Audra Caler reviewed the change with the Select Board Nov. 17.

"We're transitioning to a half in-person and half remote model," Caler said. "We're trying to be as responsible as possible."

The plan alternating days in the office with working remotely at home affects many of the town employees, including the offices of town manager, town clerk, finance, code enforcement, assessing and public works and wastewater departments.

The front office will continue to serve two customers at a time. Members of the public are required to wear a mask and are highly encouraged to conduct transactions remotely, when possible, according to Caler. Bathrooms and meeting spaces will remain closed to the public.

Staff working at home will be available for phone calls and Zoom meetings.

Mask wearing is mandatory for staff members unless they are in a private office or eating in the break room.

Board, committee and commission meetings continue to be conducted remotely via Zoom video conferencing. Committee chairpersons can schedule meetings through Assistant Town Manager Janice Esancy or a staff liaison.

Public Works Department staff began split shifts Nov. 16. The director and assistant director alternate days working in the office.

The Wastewater Department Superintendent and Assistant are also alternating days in the office. Staff in the field will continue their current schedules.

Parks Department staff will continue their current schedules. Areas for breaks will be designated within the Snow Bowl lodge to avoid congregating.