The third death of a Knox County resident from COVID-19 was reported Wednesday by the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. And another hospitalization was also reported in Knox County in the past day.

The state saw an additional 156 cases during the past day with four deaths statewide.

Knox County reported no additional cases on Nov. 18 but did have five additional recoveries.

This keeps the total number of Knox county resident diagnosed with COVID-19 since the start of the outbreak to 172. A hundred and five of people recovered and three have died, according to the Maine CDC. The most recent death was a woman in her 90s.

Twelve of those people diagnosed required hospitalization, an increase of two in the past two days.

This means the number of active cases in Knox County decreased by six, falling to 64, the CDC reported Nov. 18.

Knox County has recorded 139 new cases since Sept. 15.

During the past weekend, the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention opened an outbreak investigation of COVID-19 associated with Northeast Mobile Health Services in Rockport involving four cases. An outbreak was also reported earlier this month at Woodlands Memory Care of Rockland.

The North Haven Town Office also posted on its website Nov. 16 that there have been 15 confirmed and two presumptive cases on the island, all diagnosed since Nov. 5. There have been no additional cases in the past few days.

As of Nov. 5, the CDC reported that in the previous two weeks, there 89 positive tests and 3,921 negative tests taken in Knox County.

Lincoln County's active cases decreased by four, dropping to 38 due to four new cases and eight additional recoveries, the CDC reported Nov. 18. There have been 117 cases overall, 78 recoveries and one death. Nine of those people have been hospitalized.

Waldo County's active cases increased by two, reaching 39 with five new cases and three additional recoveries, the CDC reported Wednesday. There have been 199 cases overall, 144 recoveries and 16 deaths since mid-March. Fifteen people have been hospitalized since the outbreak began.

Statewide, there were 156 new cases reported by the CDC Nov. 18. This brings the total number of cases since the outbreak began to 9,519.

There were 204 new recoveries statewide, the CDC reported Nov. 18, increasing the number to 7,229.

There were four additional deaths reported Wednesday — increasing the statewide death toll to 170 since the pandemic struck Maine in mid-March. In addition to the Knox County death, there were two in York County and one in Kennebec County.

This means number of statewide active confirmed or probable statewide cases of COVID-19 decreased by 52, increasing to a record high 2,120, the state reported.

There are currently 85 people hospitalized in Maine due to the new virus with 30 in intensive care units, and 10 are on a respirator. Less than a month ago, only seven people were in the hospital with none in intensive care units and none on a ventilator.

A total of 600 people have been hospitalized since the outbreak began in Maine, an 11 increase in the past day.

Also, as of Nov. 11, there have been 357 positive tests of non-residents who have tested positive in Maine. Many of these people are New Hampshire residents who receive health care in Maine.

Of the cases statewide as of Nov. 18, 1,422 were healthcare workers, an increase of 23 in one day.

Of the 170 Maine people with COVID-19 who died, 92 were 80 years old or older, 51 were in their 70s, 14 were in their 60s, five in their 50s, three people in their 40s and one in their 30s and one in his 20s.

Cumberland County has seen the worst of the outbreak, with 70 of the deaths being residents from there. York County has had 27 deaths, Waldo County has 16 deaths, 14 in Androscoggin, 14 in Kennebec, 12 in Somerset, seven in Penobscot, three in Knox County, two in Oxford County, two in Franklin County, and one each in Lincoln, Aroostook and Hancock counties.

Of the people who tested positive as of Nov. 18, the Maine CDC reports most were people in their 20s, who accounted for 1,712 of the confirmed cases since the outbreak started. There have been 1,480 in their 50s, 1442 in their 30s, 1261 in their 40s, 1239 who were younger than 20, 1101 people in their 60s, 701 in their 70s and 583 who were 80 or older.

Women account for 51% of the confirmed cases and men 49%.

The CDC figures show a dramatic disparity based on race. Of the 9,519 cases statewide, 1,070 of the people diagnosed are black. That translates to 11% of the cases. Black people account for less than 2% of Maine's population.