While the decision to adopt a new pet comes with a lot of excitement, it also comes with a lot to consider. Whether you walk into an animal shelter like P.A.W.S. knowing exactly what personality your new family member should have or you decide to feel it out, there is a lot to think about.

For those who are open to accepting a pet into their home with a more difficult personality, the payoff can be surprisingly good. For those who have pets, it comes as no surprise that many scientists have found that cats and dogs exhibit personality traits as humans do. Sometimes, some of the most meaningful relationships we have are with those who may not have been the easiest to understand at first.

With so many wonderful animals at P.A.W.S., there are pet personalities of every type awaiting adoptions. In this week's article, PAWS would like to highlight two very independent ladies, with "cattitude" all their own!


Cali a sweet 7-year-old calico girl who can be a bit sassy at times but really just a little nervous around new people and environments. She enjoys a healthy dose of independence and alone time but also loves attention when she's ready, on her terms. She came to P.A.W.S. after her owner was no longer able to care for her and would very much love to be back in a place she can consider a home of her own.


Katniss is her own cat! She has many sides of her personality to show you. She is mostly a sweetie and loves her head and chin pets. She also shows her true "cat-ness" sometimes. When she wants a snack, nothing can console her… except a snack! And when she is finished receiving your attention, she will let you know. She get's a little bossy, maybe a warning tap with her paw….that is your clue to let her go on her way.

She is a talker.

She must be the only animal, she wants all the attention.

She prefers a quiet home without young children.

She really does not like the vacuum.


She does love to look out the window.

She does love to play with balls.

She does love to sleep in a quiet place.

She does love to be in the presence of a person.

Give her a chance to be her own cat and you'll get along just fine!