Camden Hills National Honor Society students usually host a Veterans Day breakfast, but due to COVID-19 they were we are unable to host. The students sent this Veterans” Day message to all veterans:

“Veterans Day is all about honoring our heroes. Our armed forces, past and present, are filled with men and women who sacrificed for the comforts we enjoy; men and women who left their homes, families, and safeties to protect the freedoms of Americans.

“Throughout this nation's history, millions of American soldiers have bravely answered the call to defend our rights, to fight for our freedom, and to aid our friends and allies. It takes great courage to leave behind comfort and step into the unknown, especially an unknown as dangerous as our veterans faced. That courage is what makes them truly admirable.

"Even though America is a country of diverse ideas and contrasting opinions, we are all able to join together on November 11 in gratitude for our veterans. We salute their service, celebrate their sacrifice, and promise that their dedication to this country will never be forgotten.

"Gail Curtis, a Junior at Camden Hills, said, ‘I will feel privileged to put a flag and flowers by the grave of my grandfather — who served in the US Navy aboard the USS FDR to spread ideals of freedom, democracy, before him, with him, and after him.’

“Some have fought in wars we know well, and others in more obscure yet still vital battles. Some have lost their friends; others have lost their lives. They should all be honored today. However, one day each year isn't enough to honor our veterans. We have to remember them every day because their sacrifices shape our everyday lives. We cannot forget what our veterans did in Normandy, Gettysburg, and so many other battles.

"Americans are eternally grateful to the veterans who left friends, families, and homes behind to fight for our country's honor and integrity. The price of freedom is high; we must always remember to be grateful for those willing to pay it.”

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”

-Joseph Campbell