NOAA Fisheries and the states of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts have closed the Atlantic herring fishery after 92% of the Area 1A sub-ACL, the inshore Gulf of Maine, was reached on Nov. 9. The fishery will remain closed until further notice. Vessels participating in the herring Research Set-Aside Program may continue to fish in Area 1A for the remainder of the fishing year. These vessels may land, subject to state landing restrictions, greater than 2,000 pounds of Atlantic herring provided they are on a declared herring RSA trip.

During a closure, vessels participating in other fisheries may retain and land an incidental catch of herring that does not exceed 2,000 pounds per trip or calendar day. In addition, directed herring vessels traveling through Area 1A must have all fishing gear stowed.

In accordance with the Amendment 3 to the Interstate Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Herring, the fixed gear set-aside of 30 metric tons will continue to be available to fixed gear fishermen operating in Area 1A west of Cutler, Maine through December 31.

The previously scheduled days out call on Nov. 13 has been canceled. Given the Area 1A fishery will be closed, a Days Out call is not warranted at this time.

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