From the desk of Events Coordinator Kasey Bielecki,

It’s hard to believe November is here. I can’t help but think of the past 11 months. To put it mildly, things have been weird. With Pope Memorial Humane Society being closed to public visits and by appointment only, we don’t get to see everyone’s smiling faces as much as we used to.

We know not everyone can adopt an animal, so visiting Pope Memorial Humane Society was an excellent alternative. You could hang out in one of the free-roaming cat rooms, playing with Raynah or Otis. You might venture in on a day when our small animal room had turtles, ferrets or even chickens. You could walk the kennel and chat with the dogs, who often talked back. It was fun for you, it was fun for us, and it was terrific for all the animals.

With so much less traffic coming through the shelter doors, it also means kind donations are way down this year. We get it. One of the fun things about dropping off canned cat food or dog treats at the shelter was being able to visit the animals.

This is our plea. With roughly 300 animals in the care of PMHS, there are many mouths to feed. Over 200 of those mouths are kittens and adult cats. Pope Memorial needs canned cat food. Specifically, poultry flavored pate style canned cat food. Unfortunately, seafood flavors tend to upset bellies, and anything other than pate often ends up as a dried pile of food the cats refuse to eat. They’re cats; they are independent, sassy and know what they want.

Speaking of cats, because there are so many available for adoption right now, let me introduce you to Chester, the cat. This handsome grey and white gentleman came to PMHS, feral. He didn’t want anything to do with anyone. Now here’s the beautiful part. The cat staff at PMHS love to socialize feral cats. It’s a fantastic feeling to see a cat decide that people can be kind, that not having to scrounge for food is good, and then discover their love of a nice clean and fuzzy blanket fresh out of the dryer.

Chester is now a curious guy who loves treats and gentle head pats. He meows for attention and is fascinated by his surroundings. Chester is FIV+, but with standard veterinary care, he will live an everyday cat life of luxury. His ideal home? A home with lots of sun, blankets, treats and toys. A home where he can be doted upon as the only cat. He’s had enough of other cats out in the woods; now that he is spoiled and leading the good life, he wants you all to himself.

For more information about Chester, the cat, or any of our other adoptable animals, visit Fill out the online adoption application and get yourself into the shelter with an appointment. Animals are waiting to meet you!

Wish list: Canned cat food (no surprise there), cleaning supplies, canned dog food, bleach, small paper plates, and hand soap.

Donations can be dropped off at Pope Memorial Humane Society’s front doors any day of the week between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Thank you.