Rockport citizens voted to support two proposed ordinances Nov. 3.

They favored the new fireworks ban by a vote of 1,473 – 991, and the solar farm ordinance by a vote of 1,871 – 561.

The solar ordinance allows solar farms, but also regulates where they are sited and provides rules aimed at protecting neighboring properties. It also has provisions requiring proper disassembly and removal of them when they reach the end of their lifespan.

The other ordinance bans the use of consumer fireworks in Rockport.

There were 20 names on the ballot for three budget committee positions.

Robert Duke and Desmond Fitzgerald have been elected to three-year terms. Hannah Demmons was elected to a one-year term.

There were also 42 write-ins for the three-year seats and another 31 write-ins for the one-year seat.

There were four vacancies on the budget committee in the Aug. 18 town meeting vote, with only one person submitting nomination papers to be on that ballot.

When the people voted in August, they wrote in the names of quite a few fellow residents.

“Our charter says that in the event of a tie, which there was because of the large number of people receiving one write-in vote, a run-off election will be held in November,” Town Manager Bill Post said. “The Town’s attorney advised that Town Clerk Linda Greenlaw could attempt to contact all of those receiving write-in votes and ask if they wished to remain on the ballot in November. Linda was able to eliminate some names after contacting some (not all) of those receiving original write-in votes as well as eliminating those that are either already on the budget committee or not residents of Rockport.”

He added, “Unfortunately, Linda was not able to reach all of those receiving write-in votes and some she did reach wanted to be on the ballot. So, we have a large number of ‘candidates’ on the ballot for budget committee.”

See the chart below for results of vote on budget committee members.

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