Both Medomak Middle School and Warren Community School announced an individual associated with the schools had tested positive for COVID-19, but the schools would remain open.

Medomak Valley High School announced a fourth student tested positive as well, but that student was not on campus or involved with any extra-curricular activities.

The cases at MVHS have now been classified as an outbreak.

The announcements from the middle school and elementary school came Nov. 1 via Parent Square from MMS principal Kate Race and WCS principal Justin Catapano-Kangas.

The letters state the individuals were tested over the weekend and are in isolation at home. They also state that the individuals likely contracted the virus Oct. 26 and have not been at school since Oct. 20.

Both schools will remain open, and will be in contact with the Maine Center for Disease Control.

The announcement from the high school came via Parent Square Nov. 2 from principal Linda Pease, who is currently in quarantine.

This letter states a fourth student from the high school tested positive for the virus. “This individual is an always virtual learner and has not been on our campus this fall, does not ride our buses, and does not participate in any extra-curricular activities,” the letter states.

An additional letter from the high school on Nov. 2 indicates that the cases at the school have now been classified as an outbreak. "An outbreak means that there are three or more cases of COVID-19 within a 14-day period that are epidemiologically linked," it says.

The high school has been virtual since Oct. 26, when a student on the boys soccer team tested positive. Since then, two more students tested positive. Additional individuals identified as close contacts, including students, staff and administrators, have been in quarantine and awaiting test results.

MVHS hopes to return to hybrid in-person learning Nov. 9.