From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Executive Director Tracy Sala,

With love and patience, nothing is impossible. This was made clear by one of our steadfast cat socializing volunteers Shari, when Snooky climbed into her lap for attention.

This may not seem remarkable, as cats do that all the time, but for Snooky and Shari (and quite frankly for all of us at the shelter) it was a big moment. A moment long-time-in-coming.

You see, Snooky came to the shelter three years ago as an unsocialized kitten scared of everything, including his own shadow. When months and months of work to socialize him made little progress, he was eventually adopted out as part of our Barn Buddy program with a couple of his fellow barn cat friends to give him the freedom from stress and a life outside of the shelter. Eventually, a fear of dogs landed him back at the shelter.

But, patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. With the closing of the shelter to public visits due to COVID-19, Snooky has been able to bunk in the manager’s office at night and roam the lobby during the day, popping in and out of my office for tentative visits with occasional naps on the cat tree in the corner.

With this newfound freedom, you can see his confidence building day by day and his trust in people grow. While we love Snooky, we want him to have the loving home he deserves, not a life in the shelter.

This handsome, sweet, three-year-old Tabby requires a home that embraces patience, will give him the time and space he needs to flourish, and looks forward to the day he jumps into their lap and says you’re mine.

My second pet pick requires patience of a different sort. At three months old, Mave is all about jumping in feet first, batting anything that moves and all other manner of adorable kitten antics.

Patience comes in handy when she has just deleted your email as she skitters across your keyboard for the umpteenth time, when she’s knocked every pen or paperclip off your desk or when she insists on getting between you and the phone when you are on a call. Mave will weave between your legs while you’re trying to walk, jump on your seat right before you sit and become the best paperweight seconds before you need the paper she claimed as her napping spot.

Your patience and good humor will be rewarded when she jumps into your lap and gives you kisses or rests her chin on your hand while you’re scrolling with your mouse or curls up in your outbox with the sweet sound of a contented purr.

If interested in adopting Snooky or Mave, and I hope you are, fill out our adoption application on For more information, call 594-2200. We are open Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. by appointment.

Wish list: bleach, paper towels, hand soap, canned dog food, canned cat food (poultry pate preferred by even our finickiest felines) and Temptation cat treats. Thank you.