The completion of the new Rockport Library is getting closer and closer with each day that passes.

Phi is working on its “punch list” items for the interior of the building and the library staff are physically moving into the building as construction continues on the building. Once phones and internet are restored to the building, the staff can fully move into the new space and start working from their new home. Opening day has not been announced yet, as there is still work to be done on the intersection and entrances that will prevent public access even if the interior is complete.

The work on the intersection is proceeding along with the landscaping around the building and in the park. The changes and improvements to the park are significant. The monuments are being moved and are now in prominent locations, so that they are visible to walkers and people visiting the library. The new walkways and plantings make the park much more inviting and user friendly.

Members of the Parks Committee working with a landscape architect have pulled this redesign together and made it happen.