Welcome to the spooky streets of New England, where ghosts lurk around every corner. Even the most unexpected places might be haunted by wandering phantoms. Pulled right from history, these ghostly tales will change the way you see New England, and have you sleeping with the light on! "The Ghostly Tales of New England" was adapted from "A Guide to Haunted New England" by Thomas D'Agostino.

Author Carie Juettner was born on Halloween and has loved ghost stories ever since. By day, she is a middle school English teacher, but by night, she is a writer of poems and short stories and novels. Juettner lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and pets, but she loves to travel. One of her favorite things to do on vacation is visit cemeteries and learn about local lore.

Researcher D'Agostino has been extensively studying and investigating paranormal accounts for over 27 years. He has worked on several books with his wife, Arlene Nicholson. The duo co-organized the Paranormal United Research Society, a coalition that includes paranormal researchers throughout New England and beyond. D'Agostino has also written accounts of haunted places throughout New England for the International Ghost Hunters Society, HauntedPlaces.com, Shadowlands.com and Ghosttowns.com.