Editor's Note: We will not be posting election letters after Friday, Oct. 23 online. We are also not publishing election letters in the Oct. 29 edition of the Courier Publications newspapers. As we close in on election day, we do not post submitted letters because of the limited amount of time for candidates to respond to statements made in letters.

Supporting Gordon Page

I am writing in support of Gordon Page as candidate to represent District 12 in the Maine Senate.  I have known Gordon for five years while interacting with him at many different levels and within many different organizations in our Midcoast communities.  He has the temperament, integrity, and collaborative approach required to represent all residents of District 12. He knows the many issues facing Knox County well. He has done his homework and put in the time and energy getting out to many communities and organizations to understand these needs firsthand. A key strength is his strong support of small businesses in our region and it is small business that drives the economic prosperity of District 12.

Jeff Hamilton


Why Page is for us

I am writing this letter in support of Gordon Page for the Maine State Senate in District 12. Gordon is unquestionably qualified for the job. After spending decades in the private sector (something all of our elected officials should be able to say), he subsequently spent many years in the non-profit community and is a proven leader when it comes to economic development.

I could go on about his qualifications and leadership in the community and the work that he has done for the business owners and youth of mid-coast Maine. His experience speaks for itself, and this alone would have earned my vote for him.

However, it is Gordon’s personal character and integrity-words rarely used in politics today, that have earned him my support for the senate.

Many years ago, when I was still in high school, Gordon did a kind act for the benefit of my personal safety and well-being. Without going into detail, I did something foolish and a bit reckless (as teenage boys sometimes do). He was witness to this and he offered me some compassionate, yet stern, advice. He spoke to me for just a few moments, but he did so without being threatening or unnecessarily harsh-he did it simply because he cared about a young man’s welfare.

Because of the caring manner in which he spoke to me his message really resonated. He did what a concerned and caring citizen would have done-he did what a community leader would have done.

He made no fanfare about it and to my knowledge, never told my parents or any other adult. I’m sure he probably doesn’t even remember this incident, but I have never forgotten it. If I knew nothing else about Gordon except for this brief moment from my youth it would be enough for me to vote for him. The fact that he is so well qualified to represent us only clinches it.

Terry Costa


Generations: Future and soon to be past

We are urging seniors to support Independent Bill Pluecker in this election cycle for Maine House District 95, because of his support for future generations. As 70 somethings, it’s in our best self interest to promote a vibrant, multigenerational community where young families and singles spur economic activity, attract cultural activities, farm the fields wisely, use the forests & fisheries sustainably, and provide the expertise & manpower for state-of-the-art health care.

As a husband and father with school-age children, Bill knows that families need access to the best education possible and supports it in the legislature. As a farmer and home owner, Bill feels the bite of local property taxes and works to prevent hikes. As a consumer, Bill knows that we need tradespeople to do the work and provide the services that keep Maine humming, so he supports Career and Technical centers in the legislature. As a businessman, he knows that we need fast, reliable, affordable broadband to do business with each other and with the market beyond Maine… you guessed it, Bill supports broadband too.

Bill Pluecker works to keep Maine’s future generations working, living and learning in their home state. Because when they work, live, and learn in our communities, they make life better for all Mainers, including us seniors.

Rudy and Barbara Karp


Dave Miramant is accessible and effective

I’ve known Sen. Dave Miramant since way back when he was a selectman in Camden, and he has always been very accessible, stopping by my business, Village Variety, to chat about issues coming up in Augusta that could affect my business and others like mine. And he doesn’t just stop by when there’s an election coming up. That’s who Dave is: a great senator who looks out for us and works hard to represent our voices in Augusta.

Not only is Dave accessible, he also gets things done. Last year, he sponsored a bill to allow stores like mine to sell non-ethanol fuel. Non-ethanol fuel is great for small engine equipment, but for years a pointless regulation banned sales of non-ethanol fuel in some parts of Maine, including Knox County. Dave worked across the aisle, the Legislature unanimously passed his bill and we’ll now be able to sell non-ethanol fuel starting on Nov. 1.

When I ran for and was elected as a state representative from the Rockland area in the 70s, I served in the seat previously held by Dave Emery, who I’ve always felt is a party- line Republican.

By contrast, I want a Senator who represents not only those who voted for them, but the community as a whole. Dave Miramant is that kind of senator.

A lot of politicians say they listen to and represent all of their constituents, but Sen. Dave Miramant actually does. It’s refreshing to see someone in office who cares not about a title or other position they're aspiring to down the road, but about all the people of Knox County. That’s why I’ll be voting for Dave Miramant in the upcoming election. I hope you’ll join me.

Gary Fowlie