The new Rockport Library is nearing completion.

Phi and its crew have been working through their list of projects to complete prior to opening at a date yet to be determined.

Inside the building they are down to a relatively small “punch list” of items that add up to a lot of details and time. This work has become challenging because the library had to close and move out of leased space on Route 1 at the end of October.

The books and furniture started to be moved into the new building over the past two weeks. This changes the look of the space inside the building as books go on the shelves. The finishing touches are being put on the program room in the lower level and that space is nearing completion as well.

The work on the exterior of building continues with the waterproofing of the deck being completed, before the finish deck is installed. Final grading has begun around the exterior of the building. The overhead wires are being moved underground as promised. Finally, the work on the intersection has gotten into full swing with curbing being installed; sidewalks being poured; grading taking place and trees being planted in the park, which has been totally redesigned making it more inviting and user friendly.

The plantings, walkways and locations of the memorials, will certainly look different than the old park, said Rock Bates, library construction committee spokesman.