Maine Attorney General Aaron M. Frey has issued an advisory to election officials, law enforcement and all Maine voters reaffirming the rights of all eligible Mainers to vote in this year’s election and pledging to vigorously enforce laws which protect those rights. The advisory was sent amid reports in the media raising concerns of planned activity at or near polling places that may cause voters to fear for their safety while waiting to cast their vote, while voting, or while leaving the polling location.

“All voters should feel safe and secure knowing that state and federal law protects their fundamental right to vote, free of intimidation and harassment,” said Frey. “The Office of the Attorney General and the Secretary of State have plans in place to enforce these laws to ensure that voting goes smoothly.”

Frey continued, “I urge all eligible Mainers to vote, either absentee or in-person on Election Day, and further urge that you make a plan for how you will ensure that your ballot is cast and your voice is heard. Voting is a fundamental right and our duty as citizens.”

The advisory will be disseminated widely among interested parties to ensure that Maine voters understand their rights.

Election Day is Nov. 3. Absentee ballots are available now at all municipal offices.