From the desk of Pope Memorial Humane Society’s Shelter Manager Theresa Gargan,

With colder weather on the horizon, many of you out there may think having a pet is not possible. Be it mobility issues, the worry of icy walks and snow covered lawns, or just not being an outdoor person.

There is no need to spend the long winter alone when we have alternative pets here at the shelter. Two of our residents are cuddly, soft, social bunnies that would provide great company and affection for the homebody animal lover.

Fuzzy and Spot came to us through the Orrington Baptist Church. They were aiding a parishioner in need and reached out to us for help with her five rabbits. They were much loved, as evidenced by their willingness to be handled, but in need of care she could no longer give them.

Fuzzy is a Fuzzy Lop with a crazy white and black coat. It is hard to make out his face under all of that fluff! He is around two-to-three years old, and very affectionate. He loves being petted and is very easy to handle. Fluffy still needs some extra care, but he will be worth the time and effort.

Spot is a little Polish rabbit with short little ears and a white coat with black spots. He is also around two years old. Spot is a bit more active but enjoys attention and gentle handling. Both of the boys love their veggies and fruits and are blossoming with the care they are receiving.

If you would like to know more about these two snuggle bunnies or any other small animals, get in touch at 594-2200 or visit

Our wish list this week includes gallon Ziploc bags, canned cat food, canned dog food and a special request from Fuzzy and Spot for fresh veggies and fruits to share with their buddies.