From the desk of Development Director at Pope Memorial Humane Society Chrys deLorimier,

Guinea pigs are amazing animals and can be wonderful pet additions! Two ladies are at the shelter waiting for a loving home: Ruby and Sapphire. Something special about these Guinea Pigs is that they love to be held and cuddled. Ruby is black and white, Sapphire is almost all white.

Since I don’t know much about these interesting pets, I looked up a few facts. These rodents are not native to Guinea, despite the name, but rather from the Andes region of South America. They were originally raised there to be livestock and food.

Despite this beginning, they are a very popular “pocket pet,” and are now kept as pets in most places of the world. They are generally docile by nature and fairly easy to care for. This makes them an ideal first pet for a family or a child with supervision. Did you know there are even competitive Guinea pig shows? Several breeds exist with varying coat lengths and textures.

Some fun facts include that they are not good climbers, but swim well. They have adorable vocalizations and are quite active. They do startle easily and “freeze” when they sense danger. They also have a super cute habit of hopping in the air (called “popcorning”) when excited.

Would your family be a good fit for this type of pet? While easy, there is still daily maintenance and care to consider, as well as basic vet needs. Cages must be cleaned and fresh veggies, water, hay and special Guinea pig food offered daily. They also need handling when young to become friendly to people.

If interested in adopting Ruby and Saphire, or another shelter animal, fill out an application on before calling 594-2200 to set up an appointment to meet with them. We continue to provide all services by appointment, so if you need to surrender an animal, need help with pet food/supplies or some other assistance, give us a call.

Thank you for all the donations to the new Sherman Medical Fund. There have been several injured and sick pets whose lives have already been saved by donors. Check out our Facebook or Instagram for amazing stories and more information about animals at the shelter. Adoptable animals, helpful pet information and applications can all be found at

If you would like to drop off supplies for the animals, top needs at the moment are paper towels, Temptation cat treats and cleaning wipes. We always need 33-gallon trash bags and wet pet food. Leave them at the front door and make out a receipt, if you would like. Thank you for caring about homeless pets!