It is a West Bay Rotary meeting tradition that its members donate money to local charities and nonprofit organizations by putting money into our buckets on the table. Because they are meeting via Zoom these days, they are now calling these “buckets in cyberspace.”

In order to increase donations, West Bay Rotary decided to open this up to the public. If you would like to donate to this month’s recipient of the buckets in cyberspace, click the donate button on their website at

Donations received through this link through Oct. 31 will benefit the Camden Area Christian Food Pantry, which is a group of Christian churches working to provide food to anyone with need in the Camden area, serving Appleton, Camden, Hope, Isleboro, Lincolnville, Rockport, Searsmont, Union, and Washington. Camden Area Christian Food Pantry is an all-volunteer charity and West Bay Rotary is pleased to continue to support their good work.

For more information about the food pantry, visit their website at For information about West Bay Rotary, visit their website above.

Donations may also be mailed to Rotary Club of West Bay Charitable Foundation, PO Box 1033, Camden, ME 04843. Note on the check if you would like the donation to benefit the Camden Area Christian Food Pantry.

West Bay Rotary meets on Thursday mornings from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, currently via Zoom. To join them on a future Zoom meeting, email