Appleton residents will see no increase in their property tax rate this year.

The 2020 tax rate of $22.80 per $1,000 of property value is unchanged from 2019, and was set by the Board of Selectmen Sept. 8.

The municipal budget is $1,036,411, up 3.42% from the prior year. The budget was approved by voters July 14, by paper ballot.

The Appleton Village School budget, totaling $1,674,611 is up 2.49% from the prior year.

Appleton's share of the Five Town CSD budget for Camden Hills Regional High School totals $505,190, and is down 6.05% from 2019.

Appleton's share of the Knox County government budget totals $148,637, an increase of 5.78% from 2019.

The total cost to taxpayers of municipal, school and county government is $3,364,849, an increase of 1.49% from 2019.

Out of the total tax bill, the share for each is as follows:

Appleton Village School: 49.7%

Town: 30.8%

Five Town CSD: 15%

Knox County: 4.4%