The Williams-Brazier Post 37, located at 37 Watts Lane, will be hosting two community-based events for the public to support and enjoy Sept. 19.

For those who are looking to support local veterans and charities, the public can gather at the Auxiliary Unit 37 at the 37 Watts Lane location from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with washed returnable bottles and/or cans.

At this bottle drive, visitors can donate them to the Auxiliary. They will then turn in all proceeds, which will be used to aid and provide assistance to local veterans and charities.

For further information, contact Auxiliary Unit 37 President Beth Ames at 593-2759 or

Later on in the day, the Legion will continue to host their traditional baked bean supper at 5 p.m. All present Post 37 procedures, as well as all COVID-19 state guidelines, will be followed. Meals may not be ready until opening time.

However, meals can be ordered ahead of time, then picked up after 5 p.m. in the sequence of when ordered. Pre-ordered meals will have a priority when they are ready. Pre-orders may also be made by calling Post 37 Commander William Demmons. Orders will be ready at a time those can appoint.

Each meal will be packed in takeout boxes and a bag for carry out. Patrons can drive or walk to the front of the Legion Hall, order a meal, and pay for it. A Legion member will retrieve the order and bring it back to the patron. The meal will be just like the traditional baked bean supper, except for the dessert.

The price for Post 37 suppers will increase to $10 beginning with this supper. Special event suppers, such as BBQ chicken or an Oktoberfest, will be $12 to $15 per supper. This will begin in 2021.

The menu will include baked beans, hot dogs, cole slaw, American chop suey, bread rolls, sweet and sour pickles, coffee, and homemade dessert.