The University of Maine at Augusta Rockland Center has a roster of 16 college classes with September and October start dates.

These courses will run for either a 10-week or seven-week semester and each carries three college credits. The academic work is a bit more condensed than courses which run in the normal 15-week term.

Each of the late start classes is fully online. Many are introductory courses to help new college students on a path to success.

"We recognize that some of our interested students were still working summer jobs or busy transitioning to the fall when our regular semester started in late August. These classes allow interested students to still participate this fall and not miss out," said UMA Rockland Director Deborah Meehan.

The single class starting Thursday, Sept. 10, is Information Literacy.

Classes starting Monday, Sept. 14, include Interpersonal Communications, College Writing, Intro to Psychology and Principles of Management.

Classes starting Thursday, Oct. 29, include introduction courses in topics like computer applications, teacher education, literature, substance abuse and human services. Other courses starting that same day include Case Management, Human Development and the Golden Age of Country Music.

The UMA Rockland Center has scholarship assistance for those who are just starting out. In addition, high school students may take these courses tuition free through the Maine High School Aspirations Program.

Free academic planning is available by appointment with University advisors by calling 596-6906 or emailing