While its physical doors are temporarily closed, the Strand Theatre continues to offer a weekly schedule of new release films that viewers can watch through online streaming platforms. By purchasing a “virtual ticket,” movie fans can still see the films that would have shown at the theater. Ticket proceeds are split between the Strand and the movie distribution company, so a viewer’s purchase is a simple and direct way to provide much-needed support for the theater.

Showing Sept. 11 through 24 is "Coup 53" by Iranian director Taghi Amirani and editor Walter Murch (Apocalypse Now, The Conversation, The English Patient). While making a documentary about the Anglo-American coup in Iran in 1953, Amirani and Murch discover extraordinary never seen before archive material hidden for decades. The 16mm footage and documents not only allow the filmmakers to tell the story of the overthrow of the Iranian government in unprecedented detail, but also lead to explosive revelations about dark secrets buried for 67 years. What begins as a history documentary about four days in August 1953 turns into a live investigation, taking the filmmakers into uncharted cinematic waters.

The film is directed by Taghi Amirani and stars Ralph Fiennes. The film is not rated and its running time is 2 hours. It is in English, Persian, Italian and French, with English subtitles.

An exclusive Q&A with BAFTA winning actor Ralph Fiennes, Oscar winning editor Walter Murch, and director Taghi Amirani was recorded live on Aug. 20, 2020. It is now available to view as a companion to this film. The panel is chaired by veteran British broadcaster and journalist Jon Snow of Channel 4 News.

Virtual tickets cost $12, and will be available on the Strand Theatre website during the film’s screening dates. Once viewers have purchased a ticket, they will have several days in which to watch the film.

For more information, visit RocklandStrand.com, email info@rocklandstrand.com, or call (207) 594-0070.