Thanks to Camden Garden Club members and friends, the Camden Village Green gardens have recently been fortified with a layer of organic mulch. Two loads of compost were delivered by Plants Unlimited at 8 a.m. Aug. 28, following which Ryan Guite, of Guite Property Services, manned his wheelbarrow to distribute the rich bounty among the beds. Nine volunteers, masked and socially distanced, spread the amendment around the trees and shrubs and the entire job was completed by 11:30 a.m.

The garden club is extremely grateful to Village Green Committee Chair Barbara McNulty and her dedicated crew; Karen Cease; Cindy Grondahl; Carolyn Kirk; Susan Reider; Pat and Mike Skaling; Rich Stuart; and Mary Winchell, for their efforts.

The association between Camden Garden Club and the Village Green began in 1928. The land was purchased Nov. 30, 1926, by Mary Louse Bok, Cyrus Curtis, John Gribbel and Chauncey Keep, who passed ownership to the town in 1927. The event is commemorated on a stone marker located near the Elm Street walkway. That same year the Olmstead Brothers landscape firm was hired by Mrs. Bok to create an attractive town centerpiece from what was basically a bare lot. Since the project’s completion in 1928 the border beds have been planted, weeded, pruned, edged and mulched by the garden club and the town’s inherited treasure has been admired and enjoyed by countless numbers of people and organizations.

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