The LifeFlight Foundation has learned that it is one of thousands of nonprofit organizations, including many in Maine, to be affected by a security event at Blackbaud, the company that hosts the organization’s fundraising databases.

The affected databases include information about donors, potential donors, those who may have attended a fundraising event, patients who we believe may want to support our healthcare mission and others in the community with whom we have relationships.

LifeFlight of Maine, the clinical operating organization, maintains electronic health records separate from the Foundation. Those records were not affected in the event.

Blackbaud has advised that the cybercriminals who attacked Blackbaud did not gain access to any credit card, bank account, or social security numbers; however, they may have accessed other types of information.

The Foundation will directly contact anyone whose personal information was accessed as a result of this incident by mail or email.

“The trust of our patients, donors, and community partners is of extreme importance to us,” said Thomas Judge, executive director of LifeFlight of Maine and the LifeFlight Foundation. “We are committed to clearly communicating with our constituents and ensuring that our fundraising data will continue to be fully protected.”

Anyone who has questions is encouraged to reach out to the LifeFlight Foundation at or 207-230-7092.

Additional information about this event can be found on LifeFlight’s website at: