In response to many active discussions about how students and teachers can best return to schools safely this fall, Coastal Mountains Land Trust is interested in talking directly with schools to find out what is being planned for increased outdoor education time and how the Land Trust can help.

Staff have generated a sample list of ways the Land Trust can be supportive. These include:

Providing Access to Land Trust preserves and trails

The Land Trust manages over 50 miles of trails on a network of more than 12,000 acres of land in 15 towns between Rockport and Prospect. Schools and teachers should know that they are welcome to make use of these spaces and simply need to register their interest by calling 236-7091.

Identifying walkable opportunities

Because busing students to preserves and trails may prove difficult, the Land Trust is also interested in helping to create opportunities for classes to visit natural spaces within walking distance of their school building. Land Trust staff can assist with developing local walks for outdoor learning.

Helping with outdoor classroom supplies/infrastructure

Land Trust volunteers and staff could assist with creating outdoor meeting areas, either on a school campus or on the preserves, to function as temporary classrooms.

Independent Naturalist Study options

The Land Trust is working on free user-friendly tools for parents and students interested in pursuing self-guided learning and study outdoors. This may become useful if students need to or choose to move towards an independent learning model.

The Land Trust will work with all schools on a case by case basis as requests and questions come. We are committed to ensuring all students have access, but must acknowledge we have limited resources and will work equitably with all interested schools and homeschool groups.

Administrators and teachers are invited to contact Community Engagement Coordinator Polly Jones at the Land Trust at 236-7091, or at