The Study Hall, a Rockport-based tutoring center, wants to hear from you on how to meet the community's needs to youth education this fall, due to the pandemic altering school schedules.

Schools around the state are adopting a “hybrid model” in their return plans, which allows for two to three in-school days, and/or two to three remote learning days, with an option for full remote learning.

In an effort to sustain academic success where students most need, The Study Hall has developed new services that will include Learning Pods and revamped services to accommodate new schedules.

"We want students and families to have choices when it comes to education, and that means helping to connect the dots from public school options to private school options to homeschooling." said Marci Casas, on behalf of the program in a press release. "We have done what we could to anticipate the needs of the community, but in order to adjust services that meet specific needs, we need your help."

A three-minute survey was developed to focus on the different options currently available in the community. The survey's intended goal is to assess what local communities are looking for. If a majority of a community is not interested in Learning Pods, then the Study Hall plans to alter their resources to better utilize individual tutoring options; if families are concerned with the schools reopening plans, the program staff will plan other available options given the survey results.

To take the survey, visit

Email or call 236-3949 for further questions or concerns regarding return-to-school plans, remote education and more.