Two artists, painter Anne Cox and potter Jody Johnstone, share the Hedgerow Gallery for a show beginning Aug. 27 and extending through September.

Although Anne Cox is best known for the distinctively imaginative and accomplished hooked wool rugs that have made her an increasingly significant artistic presence in the fiber arts community, she will be showing only oil paintings and mono prints in this last show of Hedgerow Gallery’s summer 2020 season. While many of her paintings share the graphic quality of her rugs, what she enjoys about working in oils is the opportunity to explore a medium that offers a wider and more nuanced range of color. “In the oil paints I feel like I have an infinite range of color with which to play,” Cox says, “and I am feeling my way toward revealing the color underneath the color.”

Maine potter Jody Johnstone has been making Anadama wood-fired pottery at her Swanville studio since 1997. In the past year she has been expanding the range of pots she produces to include not only tabletop pieces that have practical uses—plates, platters, bowls, vases, pitchers and teapots—but also larger-scale vessels primarily aimed at providing significant visual and physical impact. It is this work she will be featuring in the Hedgerow Gallery show.

What links Cox’s mono prints and Johnstone’s wood-fired pottery is the element of the unexpected that is an inevitable part of the production process itself—something each artist finds to be a particularly exciting feature of that process. Cox explains, “I stumbled into doing the prints and found I really liked the unexpected things that happen. So while I am very careful with each layer I put down, what happens when the layers interact is the interesting part.”

For Johnstone, the big question mark is always how the loading of the kiln will affect each pot. “It’s the most difficult part of the process, requiring concentration over four long days,” she says. “Whether a pot is placed in the top, bottom, front or back of the kiln, whether it holds another pot on shells or wadding within it, or whether it is on its side or on its foot will determine its final look, will determine the way the flame interacts with it.”

Cox and Johnstone’s Hedgerow Gallery show runs from Aug. 27 through September. An artists’ garden reception will be held at the gallery on Sunday, Aug. 30, from 2 to 4 p.m. COVID-19 protocols will be observed. Please note: Hedgerow Gallery is closed Monday, Aug. 31, and Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Hedgerow Gallery is located at 8 Ridge Road (at the corner of Route 131 and Ridge Road), between Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde. For more information on Cox and Johnstone’s show visit; for more information on Johnstone’s work visit